Ravyn Fotografie

Meet the photographer:

 Name: Rebecca McCoy


 Age:  27


Location: Northeast Georgia


Fields of work: 

  •   Concerts
  •   Portraits
  •   Weddings
  •   Special Events 
  •   Sports
  •   Landscape/nature
  •   Photojournalism
  •   Writing
  •   Cosplay


About Me:

For years photography was nothing more than a hobby. It wasn't until 2007 that I decided to turn my passion for capturing the world around me into a career. Studied Commercial Photography at North Georgia Technical College.
I started shooting with a local, privately owned business "Tenth Row Media". With the company I shot a couple weddings, did filmography and photography work shooting ringside for the Future Wrestling Federation, a small wrestling group, in Winder, Georgia. Was part of a products shoot for a local knife company, Gear2Survice that involved Ford Model, Jena Sims. 

Since splitting ways with the Tenth Row team my primary focus has been shooting concerts, community events, portraits, landscape, and nature. No matter the occasion I always have a camera on hand and strive to make sure that every shot meets a high standard of excellence and quality. 
In the past year or so I have delved head first into the wonderful community of Cosplay. Dressing up and attending the conventions here in Georgia. Becoming a part of this community has given me many great experiences and has allowed me to come out from behind the camera and start modeling as well. I have to say that I have really come to enjoy it. Cosplaying has really opened up several creative outlets that is sure to help make my photography career blossom. 


"Rebecca brings her own unique way of capturing what she sees in her lens. She has the ability to take the subject, whether its human or inanimate and bring the best qualities to light. Smiles, flowers, buildings, they all pay homage to her camera." M.J. Bridges - Photojournalist

"Rebecca was both a pleasure to have around at WCWA and a talented addition to the organization. Anyone seeking professional photography services need not look further. Her work is the best, period. Thankyou for the quality service and positive vibe you brought." - Taylor Mcknight, voice of the WCWA.